Sun valley writer's conference

Award winning director, Jeremy Sefeirt and the Sun Valley Writer’s Conference enlisted the help of Biome Cinema to help capture visuals for a memorial film honoring the late author Barry Lopez. Mr. Lopez was a renowned author whose work was known for their environmental and humanitarian topics. He won the national book award in 19846 for ‘Arctic Dreams’.

During his life Barry traveled to over 80 countries around the world. It was decided with the director, Jeremy Sefeirt, that we wanted to capture as many different biomes and environments to replicate the many places Mr. Lopez had traveled to, all while trying to capture the subtle beauty in nature that Mr. Lopez always saw, as well as the points of tension between humankind and the world around us.

In order to work cost efficiently while still reaching our objective of visiting as many different biomes as possible we alotted 6 days to travel around the state of Oregon, which within its borders gave us a great diversity of environments and nature to work within.

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