modernized exteriors

social media campaign

Modernized Exteriors enlisted the help of Biome Cinema to create high impact social media advertisements for their brand “Seattle’s Best Decks”. The goal was to capture the build team’s process of constructing the deck projects, the beautiful finished products, as well as authentic first hand testimonials from customers and their experiences through out the design and build process.

During his life Barry traveled to over 80 countries around the world. It was decided with the director, Jeremy Sefeirt, that we wanted to capture as many different biomes and environments to replicate the many places Mr. Lopez had traveled to, all while trying to capture the subtle beauty in nature that Mr. Lopez always saw, as well as the points of tension between humankind and the world around us.

We focused on capturing the grit and hard work ethic of the design and construction teams and juxtaposed that with the refined and polished decks.

We also worked alongside Seattle’s Best Decks team to come up with simple, bold, and impactful 10 second Instagram ads that spoke to the core values of the company, and provided thoughtful copy to communicate the value of a deck for homeowners.

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